Animal Control

Animal Control Officers (ACO’s) will, at all times, perform in a professional manner and conduct themselves in a calm demeanor while dealing with the public. ACO’s will never abuse or mistreat any animal, nor allow another person to do so. Water and/or food will not be denied any animal in custody and humane handling of all animals is required.


ACO’s shall observe the ten (10) day period of keeping animals before disposal as provided for in the animal control ordinance.

  • Animals meeting the requirements for disposal, in accordance with the ordinance, will be disposed of in a humane manner as recognized by veterinary science and as authorized by the Chief of Police.
  • A confined animal may be euthanized as an act of mercy if it is injured or diseased to prevent further suffering, to prevent the spread of disease, or because the animal is incurable. The euthanasia will be documented and records retained for one year. The ACO and/or a veterinarian may make this judgment.

Animal Bites

ACO’s investigating animal bites are to instruct the owner to quarantine the animal for a period of ten (10) days, regardless of any vaccinations. The animal must be quarantined and under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian who will determine weather the animal is free from rabies. All expenses shall be the responsibility of the owner. During quarantine, the animal cannot be sold, given away, or moved to another state or location.

  • ACO’s will remain very familiar with Title 3-7-1, Chapter 7 pertaining to the State law on rabies. ACO’s who investigate animal bites will present a copy of page 42 of the law to the owner of the animal. This page covers the confinement of animals which have bitten humans, particularly Section 3-7-9

Humane Society

The ACO staff will maintain a close relationship with the Baldwin County Animal Shelter, BARC and The Haven “No-Kill” organizations.