Administrative/Support Services

Administration is responsible for all the administrative records, hiring, training, and commands Support Services. The Administrative Captain is Captain Scott Taylor

Support Services (251) 621-2838

Support Services is broken into three divisions: Corrections, Communications, and Animal Control/Animal Shelter and is led by Lieutenant Kenny Hempfleng

The Support Services Administrative Technician is Debbie White.


Corrections has 10 certified correction officers. Don Bell serves as the Chief Corrections Officer. The Corrections Center is one of the largest municipal jails in the state. This "state of the art" Corrections Center can hold 44 sentenced prisoners and another 20-30 arrestees in front holding cells. Our jail also offers GED classes and Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) meetings to our inmates. Corrections currently holds arrestees for Spanish Fort Police Department, Baldwin County Sheriff's Office, the State Troopers, and U.S. Marshals, in addition to the arrestees Daphne Police Department brings in. All recruit corrections officers must attend an extensive Field Training Officer (FTO Program) for 9 weeks. 


Communications presently has ten (10) communication officers and is supervised by Chief Communications Officer Christina Brazell.  All recruit communication officers must attend the FTO Program for 9 weeks as well.

Animal Control / Animal Shelter

The City of Daphne Dr. Albert Corte, Jr. Animal Shelter takes in about 800 to 1000 animals every year. Most have either strayed from their homes or been abandoned. About a third are adopted, rescued or reclaimed. Adopting an animal from the shelter can literally save its life, and our adoptions are relatively inexpensive. You may visit and adopt an animal during kennel hours or at special events.

For more information on the Daphne Animal Control / Animal Shelter, follow this link