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Fixed Fire Extinguishing Systems Installation Application

  1. Permit Fee
    $75 Permit Fee for the year issued. Cash or check made payable to "City of Daphne" only.
  2. Provisions
    1. No person shall be issued a permit to install fixed fire extinguishing equipment that does not possess a manufacturer’s certification for installation and servicing for the type of system being installed. 2. A complete plan/drawing of the system and the devices that are being protected shall be submitted before a permit is issued and a copy of all drawings shall be placed in the control box. 3. The technician who performs the installation of the fixed fire extinguishing systems shall legibly sign and date the service tag verifying that all work was done in compliance with current NFPA standards. 4. The Fire Code Official shall require certain operational tests upon final inspection.
  3. General Requirements
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