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Fire Alarm Systems Installation Application

  1. Application Fee
    $75 Application Fee. Cash or check made payable to "City of Daphne" only.
  2. Provisions
    All installations, modifications, or additions shall require at least two sets of plans to be submitted for review, along with cut sheets and calculations. One set will be maintained at the Bureau and the other shall remain at the site of the work being performed. You must make arrangements to pick up your plans in person or by carrier; we will not pay postage to send them back. Installation plans for fire alarm systems must have the Engineer of Record for the projects signature on them. Upon final inspection, the NFPA Fire Alarm System Record of Completion Form must be properly submitted to the Fire Code Official and a fire alarm system test must be performed in the presence of the Fire Code Official. Licensed electricians may pull wire, install ancillary equipment, and connect the main power to the control pane after a permit has been issued, but no one other than a qualified fire alarm installer shall be allowed to make any other connections inside the fire alarm control panel. A service tag or sticker shall be required to be installed by the permitted alarm servicing individual or company at the control panel of each fire alarm system, stating the company’s name, address, phone number, name of the technician performing the service, date, and the type of service performed. All fire alarm circuit disconnecting means shall have a red marking and shall be identified as “Fire Alarm”. Fire Alarm Control Units (FACU) will be located at the entrance of the building or provide a remote annunciator panel at the entrance and also indicate the location of the main panel. A document box shall be required and all alarm documents and programs shall be placed inside the box. The Fire Official shall be present during the final inspection.
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