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Fire Alarm Systems Inspection Application

  1. Permit Fee
    $75 Permit Fee for the year issued. Cash or check made payable to "City of Daphne" only.
  2. Provisions
    1. No person shall be issued a permit to modify, repair, test or service fire alarm systems who does not possess a State of Alabama Fire Alarm Permit issued by the State Fire Marshals Office. 2. All technicians must have their NICET II in Fire Alarms. 3. No person shall engage in the business of fire alarm systems without first obtaining a permit from the Bureau of Fire Prevention. 4. Any person who services/inspects fire alarm systems must possess a current City of Daphne Business License and have a Certificate of Insurance, General Liability for $1,000,000 with the City of Daphne Bureau of Fire Prevention listed as Certificate Holder. 5. A service tag or sticker shall be required to be installed by the permitted alarm servicing individual or company at the control panel of each fire alarm system, stating the company’s name, address, phone number, name of the technician (legibly signed) performing the service, date and the type of service performed. 6. Any system taken out of service or tagged non-compliant shall require that the Daphne Fire Marshals Office be notified immediately.
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