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Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems Installation Application

  1. Application Fee
    $75 Application Fee. Cash or check made payable to "City of Daphne" only.
  2. Provisions
    All installations, modifications, or additions shall require at least two sets of plans to be submitted for review, along with cut sheets and calculations. One set will be maintained at the Bureau and the other shall remain at the site of the work being performed. You must make arrangements to pick up your plans in person or by carrier; we will not pay postage to send them back. Installation plans for fire sprinkler systems must have the Engineer of Record for the projects signature on them. The underground and above ground contractor’s material and test certificate must be completed prior to the approval of the installation by the Fire Official, who may require performance tests on the system. The Fire Official must be present during the final inspection of the sprinkler system.
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