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Request for Public Records

  1. Terms & Conditions
    TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR HANDLING PUBLIC INFORMATION REQUESTS It is the policy of the City of Daphne, Alabama to provide copies of public documents upon request in an expedient manner. Such requests, particularly those involving a large volume of information, must be handled on a time available basis such as not to compromise the city’s day to day operations. The City is entitled to recover its costs of providing requested information, and it is obliged to institute such procedures as are necessary to protect the public records and insure their continued integrity. To those ends, the following shall apply to all public information requests: 1.) For reproduction of records, the City will assess a per page charge as authorized by law for reproduction costs (currently $0.25 per page for black and white and $0.34 per page for color), and will charge $25.00 per hour for the number of hours engaged in research and reproduction. The total amount shall be paid upon completion of research and reproduction, after which reproductions will be released to that party. 2.) If an individual only wishes to review records the following will apply: a.) The City Clerk will state when (day, date and time) the records can be retrieved for view. b.) The individual requesting records shall be allowed reasonable public access to review said records. 3.) The City is entitled to require verifiable information (drivers license I.D.) as to the identity of the person requesting the records as well as that of the person receiving such information. 4.) All records must remain in the custody of a City employee at all times. As a measure to safeguard records, reproduction may not be made by anyone other than the City Clerk or a City employee designated by the City Clerk. 5.) Reason for requesting records must be completed before request will be processed by the City Clerk. 6.) There will be not less than a 24-48 hour time frame for the reproduction of records, unless otherwise determined by the City Clerk or his designee.
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