Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I pay over the phone with a credit card?

No. All credit card transactions have to be completed in person.

Do I have to have a permit for sign repair?

Yes. All changed or repair work requires permit application.

When is my permit active?

 Permits are active after approval and payment.

Can my sign be on the right of way?

No. All signage have must be placed on private property and off of the right of way. Ordinance No. 33-2 (A)(4) & 33-7 (C).

Do I have to have a sign company for a sign permit?

No. The business owner can submit his/her sign permit for approval.

Can I submit my own sign design for approval without hiring a commercial sign company?

Yes. A business owner may submit his/her own sign design for approval

What is the minimum charge for a sign permit?

$25.00 ($2.50 sq. ft. with a minimum of $25.00)

How long do I have to wait for a permit to be approved?

After all correct permits and renderings have been received, Code Enforcement has 30 days to approve or deny the permit. Ordinance No. 33-2 (A)(1).

Are digital signs allowed?

Businesses or religious establishments may have a digital sign. Ordinance No. 33-10 (J).

How much wall signage am I allowed if I am not in an overlay district?

The lesser  of 350 sq. ft. or 30% of the total sq. ft. calculation of the face of the building.

How large can my monument sign be if I am not in an overlay district?

50 sq. ft. per face. Ordinance No. 33-10 (B)(2) 10.