Records Division

The Records Division maintains all offense, arrest, and accident reports for the department, as well as the dissemination of these records to authorized agencies and personnel. 

Retrieve Accident Reports

Accident Reports are generally available approximately 3-5 days after the date of the accident. Visit our online accident portal here to purchase and download your accident report.

Public Records Request

You are able to request records online via our Public Records Request portal, to include Background Checks (must upload a photo copy of your government issued I.D.), Incident/Offense Reports, Arrest Reports (Public Record only), Calls for Service (Public Record Only), among other public record requests. Please note your records request will be reviewed by the Records Technician and correspondence will be made to you in regards to your request for specific records. Please upload any requested documents to your records request.

Please be advised that a request for records/reports must be made in a minimum of 15 days prior to the date required. If your request cannot be fulfilled, a notification will be provided. The Daphne Police Department does charge for the reproduction of documents to include but not limited to, any and all print or digital police reports, audio and/or video recordings, photographs and Total Station equipment use. Upon payment of your records request invoice, you will be able to download your requested documents digitally.

View our public invoicing rates below.

Check the Status of your Public Request Request

To check the status of your pending records request, or to make a payment on your request invoice, click this link. You will need your specialized Request Number and Security Key that was provided to you when you made the records request.

Questions on Reports or Police Records

If you have questions regarding reports or police records, please contact the Daphne Police Department Records Division.

Records Division Public Invoicing Rates / Fee Schedule

Please be advised that the Daphne Police Department does charge for the reproduction of documents, to include but not limited to, all police reports, audio and/or video recordings, photographs and Total Station equipment use.

A request for records/reports and/or photographs, audio/video recordings, and/or photographs must be made in a minimum of 15 days prior to the date required.

A full invoice will be completed for each request for the documents the requester wishes to obtain. This invoice will be provided to the requester once the entire file has been reproduced and is ready for pick-up. Please be advised that these figures should be used as a guideline for production costs and are determined by the document type and amount of documents contained within that individual case file, as well as other special circumstances.

Below are the associated costs for the reproduction of each type of document, and/or digital document. These costs are subject to change at the discretion of the Daphne Police Department, as necessary.

Total Station use within Investigations

Reports generated from the use of the Total Station Equipment for the production of an investigation:

Cost:  $250.00 One-Time Flat Rate Fee

The normal production costs for videos, photos and paper copies will apply in addition to the $250.00 flat rate fee for the use of the Total Station.


Reports (paper copies and digital copies) – A page is defined as a black and white single sided copy. A duplex copy (both sides of the paper) is considered two pages. The same fees apply to all digital copies of reports that are provided.

Cost:  $5.00 for 1st three (3) pages of paper + $1.00 per sheet of each additional page of paper

Video/Audio Recordings

A fee will be collected for each DVD/CD or digital file containing video and/or audio recordings that is provided. This fee includes the cost of the DVD/CD to be provided by this department. If multiple DVD/CD’s or digital video/audio files are contained within a case, the fee is applied to each DVD/CD or digital file provided.

Cost:  $25.00 per video and/or audio DVD/CD or digital file


Photographs will be released on a case by case basis and may require the approval of a staff member.

Cost:  $2.00 per individual hard-copy color photograph & $2.00 per individual digital photograph contained on a CD/DVD or released electronically.

CDs or DVDs containing photograph media, or digital copies released, will be charged according to the number of photographs contained.