Environmental Regulations & Permits

Please contact us at 251-620-1700 for information on Daphne's Environmental Regulations & Permits.

Daphne Stormwater Management Program Plan & Appendices

  1. 2021-2026 SWMPP
  2. 2022-2023 Annual Report
  3. Appendix A Daphne PHII MS4 Permit ALR040039
  4. Appendix A -NO Flush Brochure
  5. Appendix B Ordinance 2011-54 Daphne LUDO
  6. Appendix C Ordinance 2013-12 LID Update to LUDO
  7. Appendix D Ordinance 2014-14 CBMP Ordinance
  8. Appendix E Ordinance 2019-10 Flood Ordinance
  9. Appendix F Ordinance 2014-09 Illicit Discharge
  10. Appendix G Ordinance 2002-34 Solid Waste
  11. Appendix H Ordinance 2016-32 Handbill
  12. Appendix I Education Outreach Articles
  13. Appendix J-Brochure ADEM Lets Look at Sediment
  14. Appendix J-Brochure Benefits to Planting Native Trees
  15. Appendix J-Brochure Clean Water Future Brochure
  16. Appendix J-Brochure Daphne Recycle
  17. Appendix J-Brochure Effective CBMP Plans
  18. Appendix J-Brochure Field Guide to Erosion and Sediment Control
  19. Appendix J-Brochure Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination
  20. Appendix J-Brochure Just Say No To Plastic!
  21. Appendix J-Brochure The 10 Best Native Shrubs.
  22. Appendix J-Brochure Off Road Vehicle
  23. Appendix J-Brochure Understanding Your SWMPP
  24. Appendix J-Brochure What is a Small MS4
  25. Appendix K Watershed Signs and Location Maps
  26. Appendix L Resolution 2014-52 Clean Water Future
  27. Appendix M Ordinance 2007-66 Enviromental Advisory Committee
  28. Appendix N Current Stormwater Infrastructure Inventory Map
  29. Appendix O Dry Weather Screeening SOG-Responsible Staff
  30. Appendix O Field Assessment DryWeather Screening Hazardous Spills CBMPP SOGs
  31. Appendix Q Residential CBMPP Review Checklist
  32. Appendix P Building InspectionsLand Disturbance Permit (1)
  33. Appendix R CommercialandSubdivision CBMPP Checklist
  34. Appendix S CBMP Inspection Forms
  35. Appendix T Stormwater Indemnification Form
  36. Appendix U Ordinance 2011-11 City Mandatory Recycle
  37. Appendix V Stormwater Infrastructure Maintenance SOGs
  38. Appendix W Daphne MS4 WQ Monitoring Plan
  39. Appendix X CBMP Plan Agreement
  40. Appendix Y City Facility and Property Inventory
  41. Appendix Z Ordinance 2017-05 Motorized Vehicle Trespass Ordinance
  42. Appendix Z -Brochure Prescription Drug Disposal

Annual Report attachments are available at Environmental Programs office at 1705 Main Street or you can request a copy by emailing jward@daphneal.com.