All About Daphne

All About Daphne
We, in the City of Daphne, welcome you to the Eastern Shore. If you are thinking about locating to Daphne or have already moved here, you will find that we are a “city on the move.” Despite our consistent growth, Daphne has been able to maintain the ambience of a small town where the people are friendly and caring, and newcomers soon become good friends.


Historical records indicate Spanish explorers discovered this area as early as 1557. Records also indicate April 9, 1874 as the actual establishment of the town that would be Daphne, with the designation of a Postmaster and official Post Office for the Community at that time. Learn more.


The Old Methodist Church Museum of Daphne

Black Education Museum 

Alabama Sports Museum & Archives

Industries and Agriculture

The City of Daphne was ranked 96th in the “Top 100 Best Places to Live” by CNN/Money website. Learn more.

Locations and Maps

Learn more about Daphne Alabama location and view area map. Learn more.

The Jubilee City

Daphne is perhaps most famous for being one of the few places in the world to experience the phenomenon known as a “Jubilee”. This event brings blue crabs, shrimp and fish into the shallow waters of the shoreline, just waiting to be scooped up by those waiting to fill their ice chests. Learn more.