Garbage, Trash and Recycling

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Welcome! Below you will find information about Garbage, Trash, and Recycling in Daphne.

Trash Pickup

The following items are examples of items that CAN be picked up as trash by he City of Daphne: Yard Debris, Furniture, Fire Wood, Appliances, Bicycles and Lawn Mowers

The following items CANNOT be picked up: Concrete, Construction debris, Asphalt, Tires, Medical Waste, Paint, Oil, Gas and Batteries

Non-trash materials and improperly placed materials will not be collected. Items not accepted by the City can possibly be taken to a landfill or recycling center. Call Public Works for more information.

All leaves, pine straw, grass clippings and pinecones must be bagged. DO NOT place these items in garbage cans, boxes, piles or wheelbarrows.

It is not necessary to call for a trash pick up, it will automatically be collected on your scheduled service day. The City has a designated collection route for each day of the week. No special pick ups will be allowed.

Tree limbs and clippings should not be more than 5′ in length and 8″ in diameter . The City does not pick up trees that have been cut by contractors or individuals paid to remove trees. It is the property owner’s responsibility to have these trees removed.

Please keep in mind that our Trash Ordinance clearly states that each household is allowed fifteen(15)cubic feet of trash per week. Excessive trash charges begin at $50.00 and progressively increase on the volume of overage

Garbage Pickup

All household garbage must be bagged and placed in a City issued garbage cart with a tight fitting lid suitable to protect the contents from insects, animals and water. The container should not be more than 96 gallons or less than 64 gallons, unless otherwise approved.

Do not use red garbage bags. Red is the universal color for medical waste, and medical waste is not collected by the City of Daphne.

Be sure that all garbage is placed on the curb side BEFORE 7a.m. Time of pick-up can sometimes be inconsistent and only by placing garbage out before the route begins can your pick up be assured.


Recycle Bins

1. Must be placed at the curb side, within 6 feet of the street, before 7:00 a.m., but not more than 24 hours before your service day.
2. Recycle materials must be placed in the provided recycle bins or a container clearly marked for recycling. Call 625-2004 to request a recycle container and/or instructions for disposing of large amounts of recyclable materials.
3. Cardboard MUST be broken down to be picked up.
4. Bottles and cans should be rinsed out before being placed in the bin. To save space, flatten items when possible.
5. On rainy days keep paper products dry or save them for a sunny day.
6. Non-recyclable materials, wet paper or improperly rinsed materials, WILL NOT be collected.
7. Unwashed food containers WILL NOT be accepted.

Recycle Drop Off

Recycle items may be taken to our recycling facility 26435 Public Works Road (Austin Place Commercial Park off County Road 64)

Our recycling drop-off is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

For e-recycling (electronics, computers, etc), please drop off between the hours of 7:30 AM – 3:30 PM

Recycling Materials; Yes, No, and How

1. Glass

  • Yes! Transparent glass containers: Bottles and jars. Clear, Green and Brown.
  • No: Window or plate glass, coffee mugs, ceramics, crystal or light bulbs
  • How: Remove and discard caps and lids. Rinse and place in recycling bin.

2. Paper

  • Yes! Newspaper, newspaper supplements, junk mail, office paper, paperboard, magazines.
  • No: Cellophane, plastic-coated paper and cards. Cigarette butts, wax-paper and paper cups and plates.
  • How: Remove all plastic wrap. Keep dry and place in recycle bin. Do not bag.

3. Plastic

  • Yes! Plastic bottles: milk jugs, water jugs, soft drink bottles. Plastic containers (#1 - #7.)
  • No: Plastic bags, PVC, Plastic wrap, Screen-printed bottles, plastic cups, disposable diapers.
  • How: Remove and discard cap. Rinse and place in bin. Please flatten whenever possible.

4. Metal

  • Yes! Aluminum cans, metal cans, clean foil.
  • No: Spray cans, paint cans or hazardous materials.. All cans must be washed – no food residue will be allowed.
  • How: Rinse, remove labels and place in recycle bin.

5. Cardboard

Cardboard must be broken down. If you are a new resident and have a large amount of cardboard boxes, please call the Public Works – Solid Waste Divison at 625-2004 for information on how to best recycle them.


For schedules or more information, please call us at the Public Works – Solid Waste Division.
Phone: (251) 625-2004
Email: Solid Waste Coordinator