Community Development

Mission Statement

To guide the City of Daphne to a sustainable and prosperous future by promoting and managing proper growth  and development through the planning process. 


To provide high quality professional and technical support to the Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Adjustment, City leaders and departments, citizens and the development community.


Community Development, also known as the “Planning Department,” is responsible for the administration of the comprehensive plan, zoning ordinance and subdivision regulations of the City, also known as the Land Use & Development Ordinance (LUDO) Our foremost duty is to promote the use of the comprehensive plan in the decision making process and make recommendations to the Planning Commission and City Council concerning annexation, zoning, rezoning, subdivision development, vacation of easements or rights-of-way and other commercial and residential development proposals. Additional duties performed in Community Development include E-911 addressing, GIS database management and mapping, maintaining archival records and providing staff support to the Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Adjustment, coordinating technical plan reviews and pre-construction conferences,  issuing site disturbance permits and zoning certifications. From Plans to Permits, FAQs about the Development Process in Daphne.


Daphne Community Development staff would like to welcome the newest Planning Commissioner, Andrew Prescott, an architectural engineer with 16 years of experience in residential and commercial project management.  He and his wife of 16 years, Stephanie, have been residents in Daphne since 2004.  We are very excited to have Mr. Prescott on board.


The City of Daphne received notification from the Department of Finance regarding Act 2015-308 that created the Construction Industry Craft Training Program (CICTP) and the Craft Training Board to be administered within the existing Alabama Building Commission, or successor agency or department. This Act, passed in 2015, became effective October 1, 2016.  To fund the Construction Industry Craft Training Program (CICTP) program, the Act established a CICTP fee.  The Act requires Community Development to assess an additional fee in the amount of one dollar ($1) per each one thousand dollars ($1,000) of site construction costs for Site Disturbance Permits that are issued and to remit this to the Alabama Building Commission on a monthly basis.


Public hearing dates set by Daphne City Council

May 15, 2017

  • Annexation -Fred Corte
  • Prezoning and Annexation -S. Hickory, Inc.
  • Prezoning-Bertolla Properties, Inc.
  • Residential High Rise Overlay District Proposed Amendment

June 5, 2017

  • Prezoning and Annexation-G. Kalasountas

 See Government page for up-to-date information or contact Rebecca Hayes (251) 621-9000.

UPCOMING PLANNING COMMISSION SUBMITTAL DEADLINES–                  April 25th and May 30, 2017

UPCOMING BZA DEADLINE– May 1 and June 1, 2017

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Recent Community Development Activity

Updated 04/21/17

Board of Zoning Adjustment

BZA meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month only if an application has been submitted for review.  Meetings are held at 6:00 pm in the Council Chambers of City Hall. 

No Meeting scheduled for April 2017.

03/02/17 BZA Meeting Report:

Denied–Request for a variance to allow a business to access a residential street (Bass Street) where such access is otherwise not permitted per the Land Use & Development Ordinance Article 13-7(c).

Denied–Request for a 30-ft rear setback in lieu of the required 50-ft for Lot 2 of Shore Oaks Subdivision (site behind Popeye’s & Serda’s on Highway 98).

02/02/17 BZA Meeting Report:

Denied–Request for 1.2 parking spaces per unit in lieu of 2, for a proposed multi-family apartment complex for senior citizens on Lake Forest Boulevard, across from (west) Loma Alta Towers.

12/01/16 Meeting Report:

Approved–Request to permit side and rear yard setback encroachments Lot 3, Block P, Historic Malbis Subdivision, Phase 1 .

Planning Commission

The Regular meeting scheduled for May 25 th at 5:00 pm in the Council Chambers of City Hall.   Site preview meeting was held on Wednesday, May 17th at 8:30 am.

May 25th Regular Meeting Items:

Rezoning petition review for WPNVA, JAY-E, John White-Spunner and Chester Stephan. Site located at the southeast intersection of Highway 98 and Johnson Road.  (R-4, High Density Multi-family Residential to B-2, General Business)

Site plan review for Daphne Commercial Storage on Capital Drive.

Site plan review for No Off Season Athletic Training Facility on Friendship Road.

Preliminary plat review for Bailey Place, 22 lot subdivision on County Road 64.

Preliminary plat review  for South Branch Subdivision, a 29 lot subdivision on Pollard Road.

Preliminary plat review  for Watershed at Tiawasee, Phase 2, a 3 lot subdivision on Daintree Court.

Pre-zoning and annexation petition review for Malbis Plantation, Inc, 77 acre parcel located on County Road 13 north of Sehoy subdivision.  Site known as Diamante Subdivision. (R-3, High Density Single Family residential proposed).

C/I zoning district amendment proposal.

Review City’s Planning Process.


April 27th Regular Meeting Report:

Approved Master Plan review for South Branch Subdivision located along Pollard Road east of Eagle Creek Drive contingent upon annexation into the city.

Approved Site Plan review for Buckley Dental located on Timber Circle west of Highway 181.

Approved with conditions and contingencies Preliminary Subdivision review for Blackstone Lakes located southeast of the intersection of County Road 13 and Corte Road.

Approved Preliminary/Final plat review for Wachter Subdivision located at the northwest intersection of Trione Avenue and Guarisco Street west of Main Street.

Approve Preliminary/Final plat review for Daphne Commercial Storage Subdivision located northwest of the intersection of Capitol Drive and County Road 64.

Approved Final plat review for Canaan Place, Phase 2B located north of County Road 54.

Postponed until May 25th Regular meeting  Rezoning petition review for WPNVA, JAY-E, John White-Spunner and Chester Stephan. Site located at the southeast intersection of Highway 98 and Johnson Road.

Favorable recommendation to Council Petition for street acceptance for Caroline Woods phase 3B.

Favorable recommendation to Council Official Map updates-zoning and street maps.

March 23rd Regular Meeting Report 

Favorable recommendation with conditions – Proposed amendment to the Residential High Rise Condominium District

Approved-Site Plan review Johnson Road Grading and Drainage Improvements located southeast of the Daphne Animal Shelter.

Approved-Site Plan review for Take 5 Oil Change located east of Pet Supermarket in the Magnolia Shopping Center along U.S. Highway 98.

Approved-Site Plan review for Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church Playground addition located on Guarisco Street in Olde Towne Daphne.

Approved-Site Plan review for Auto Zone Store located at the southeast intersection of U.S. Highway 98 and Wilson Avenue, north of Genesis Career College.

Approved-Site Plan review for Waffle House restaurant located between Halls Lane and Van Avenue along U.S. Highway 98.

Approved with conditions-Site Plan review for Olde Towne Daphne Townhomes located behind Shore Oaks Center (behind Popeye’s), northwest of the intersection of Halls Lane and U.S. Highway 98.

Approved-Final Plat review for Caroline Woods Subdivision, Phase 3B.

Approved-Preliminary/final plat review for Corte-13 Subdivision, located southeast of the intersection of Corte Road and County Road 13.

Recommended Approval-Prezoning and Annexation review for S. Hickory, Inc., 79.72 acres, located east of Eagle Creek Subdivision along Pollard Road.  Proposed R-3, High Density Single Family residential zone.

Recommended Approval as B-2(a) in lieu of B-2-Prezoning and Annexation review for G. Kalasountas, 17.8  acres, located south of the intersection of Highway 90 and Renaissance Boulevard.  Proposed B-2, General Business zone.

Recommended Approval-Prezoning review for Bertolla Properties, LLC., 361.55 acres, located east of Highway 181 (east of Dunmore Subdivision), south of Austin Road (across from Waterford Subdivision), and west of Avalon Subdivision. Proposed zoning, PUD, Planned Unit Development – Jubilee Farms.

Recommended Approval-Annexation review for Fred L. Corte, 73.53 acres, located southeast of the intersection of Corte Road and County Road 13 and west of Bellaton Subdivision.  Prezoned to PUD, Planned Unit Development–Blackstone Lakes.

February 23rd Regular Meeting Report

Approved-Master Plan-Watershed at Tiawasee/French Settlement along County Road 13 and Long Vue Drive.

Approved-Preliminary/Final Plat-French Settlement Phase 2, 4 lot subdivision along the north side of Long Vue Drive.

Approved with contingency-Preliminary/Final Plat-Watershed at Tiawasee, Phase 1, 2 lot subdivision along County Road 13, South of Tiawasee Trace Subdivision.

Approved-Preliminary/Final Plat-Malbis-CR13, a 2-lot subdivision along County Road 13, north of Sehoy Subdivision and east of Tiawasee Trace Subdivision.

Approved with conditions-Preliminary Plat-Diamante Subdivision, Phase 1, a 61 lot subdivision along County Road 13, north of Sehoy Subdivision.

Approved with condition-Site Plan-M&M Bank a redevelopment of the KFC site on Highway 98 and on Main Street.

Postponed at agent’s request-Pre-zoning-Louise Volovecky & Volovecky Farms request pre-zoning of 38 acres to Planned Unit Development located on Highway 181 across from Dollar General store, behind Ottawa Springs Subdivision.

Tabled 30 days-Request to amend the Land Use & Development Ordinance, Article 38-11, Residential High Rise Overlay District Map, to include Lot 2 and 2A of Westbrook Commercial Park.

Approved-Petition for Street Acceptance-Bellaton Subdivision, Phase 4.

Presentation by Matthew Jones & John Peterson regarding two slope stabilization projects in Daphne.

January 26th Regular Meeting Report

Approved-Preliminary/Final Plat–McAdams Subdivision on McAdams Avenue, 3 lots

Approved-Master Plan for Diamante Subdivision along County Road 13

Approved-Final Plat review for Bellaton Subdivision, Phase 4

Approved-Preliminary/Final plat review for Bertolla Daphne Two-Lot Subdivision at northwest intersection of Hwy 181 & Milton Jones Road

Approved-Site plan review for Malbis Shoppes, Phase II  in Historic Malbis business district (southeast of Zaxby’s)

Approved with conditions-Site plan review for Malbis Station II,  Hwy 90, west of Renaissance Blvd

Approved with conditions-Site plan review for Belforest Apartments, Rand Avenue & County Road 13

Approved-Site plan review for Termac Construction Office, Dolphin Street southeast of Wilson Ave.

Recommended approval-Petition for Street Acceptance for roads in Brookhaven Subdivision Unit 3

Recommended approval-Proposed Land Use & Development Ordinance amendment-Sidewalk Bonds, Section 17-4, Final Plat application process

December 15th Regular Meeting Report

Will move to council with no recommendation–Prezoning-Allegri Properties on CR 64

Approved compromise regarding Daphne Sports Complex (Park Drive) - Wetland buffer & approved encroachments

WITHDRAWN—Master Plan for Diamante Subdivision along County Road 13

Approved–Final Plat for Brookhaven Subdivision Unit 3, 39 lots

Tabled Until January Regular meeting–Preliminary/Final Plat–McAdams Subdivision on McAdams Avenue, 3 lots

Approved–Site Plan-Stratas 181 Multiple Retail Spaces on Woodrow Lane

Tabled until next regular meeting–Proposed Ordinance Amendment-Sidewalk Installation Bond

  Projects Under Construction

Sweeney Orthodontics; Handy Lock Storage Expansion on County Road 64; Bay Pointe Dance Studio, Whit’s Frozen Custard; Oldfield Phase 2A & 2B; Hughes Funeral Home; Eastern Shore Toyota Parking Lot; Pulmonary Associates on County Road 64, Winged Foot Subdivision on County Road 64, Termac Construction on Dolphin Street, Driveway connection from Lot 16 to Renaissance Boulevard; Rich’s Carwash

Recently Completed Projects

Daphne Utilities Water Storage Facility on Douglas Rd; Zaxby’s emergency remediation project on Hwy 98; Christ the King Parish’s Sports Field; Fulcrum Construction Office Expansion on Manci Avenue; Brookhaven Unit 3; Colonnade Apartments on Hwy 98; Daphne Commercial Center; Daphne Utilities Water Treatment Facility of Sixth St;  Malbis Station on Highway 90, Christ the King Immaculata Center on Main Street; Bellaton Subdivision Phase 4; Site One Landscape on Public Works Road;


Approved March 20, 2017:  Amended LUDO Ordinance 2017-21, Sidewalk Installation Agreement.

Approved January 3, 2017: White-Spunner Rezoning from R-3 to B-2, B-2(A), R-7(T)*, R-7(A)* , and GC (Ordinance 2016-81), White-Spunner Prezoning  to B-2, B-2(A), R-7(A)* , and GC (Ordinance 2016-82).

*with conditions


Adrienne D. Jones, MURP - Director/Zoning Administrator    

Brennan Walters-Planner

 Brennan Walters picture

Patricia  Johnson                                                                                                                                               Pat1

- Addressing/Administrative Secretary            



Jan Vallecillo 

jan pic 2- Planning Coordinator                                 

Contact Information

Phone: 251.621.3184 / Fax: 251.621.3185 Mailing Address: P.O. Box 400 Daphne, AL 36526 Physical Address: 1705 Main Street Daphne, AL 36526 Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm


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