Animal Shelter

“Live a healthier, longer, happier life by spending time with a pet!”

The City of Daphne Dr. Albert Corte, Jr. Animal Shelter takes in about 800 to 1000 animals every year.  Most have either strayed from their homes or been abandoned.  About a third are adopted, rescued or reclaimed.  Adopting an animal from the shelter can literally save its life, and our adoptions are relatively inexpensive.  You may visit and adopt an animal during kennel hours or at special events.

The City of Daphne Dr. Albert Corte, Jr. Animal Shelter staff is excited about the shelter’s future. Pet overpopulation is on the rise. We are proud to report a decrease in the number of animals coming into our shelter and an increase in the number of animals placed to individuals and rescue groups through our shelter. A new website, technology upgrades and the addition of a dangerous/vicious animal component to the animal ordinance will aid Animal Control Officers to better serve Daphne residents through animal control, ordinance enforcement, and pet adoptions. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and the latest in animal care, the shelter features isolated sectional living areas for the animals. This means that each section will have its own ventilation system and water, thereby decreasing the possibility of cross-contamination and increasing the health prospects of our animals.

Tag Day is Every Day!!

Please do your part to insure the safe return of your pet should she or he become lost. In addition to your pets’ up to date rabies tag, it is important for your pet to wear a tag with a contact number at all time. By giving your pet an ID tag, we can reunite them with you quickly should they be tempted to go exploring the great outdoors.

How our adoption process works:

After ten working days, stray animals become City property and are available for adoption. You can adopt animals when they become available on a first come, first serve basis. Animals turned in by their owners are available for adoption immediately. We hold all healthy, non-aggressive animals as long as we have the legally required space for additional strays.

If you’d like to adopt a new family member or if your pet is lost, the Dr. Albert Corte, Jr.  Animal Shelter is a great place to begin your search. The Daphne Police Department operates the Animal Shelter to enforce animal control laws and to shelter animals that have strayed, gotten lost, or been turned over for adoption.

Animal Complaints/Incidents/Situations

If there is an animal in your vicinity that you feel is being mistreated or is threatening the welfare of our residents, etc., please do not hesitate to utilize our services to help these animals and ensure the safety of our community. We have officers dedicated to the sole issue of Animal Control cases and Abandoned/Rescue Animal cases. You may call our office 621.2831 or email these officers directly at:


Phone: 251.621.2831
7145 Johnson Road
Daphne, AL 36526

Monday – Friday, 9am – 4pm

Please visit our website or our Facebook page for more information about our shelter and pets currently available for adoption.