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City of Daphne recommends NotifyMe services (free service) to receive notifications of our City News. This is a third party service, and is not offered directly by the City of Daphne, but we have setup this page to use this free service to receive quick and easy notifications of our website news. Just click on the NotifyMe buttons next to any news you would like to receive, and it will automatically be added to your account (or prompt you to enter a quick and easy 3 step setup). You will be able to choose whether you prefer to be notified by email, text message, instant message, when you add the news category. We recommend LOGGING IN to your account at first, and then coming back to this page and clicking the buttons to add the categories from this page.


We recommend that you sign up for your account first, and then come back here and pick your categories. Signing up is quick and easy, and the notification program is free. After you signup you can just simply click on any of the buttons below and your chosen news categories will be automatically added for you. You can choose inside of to be notified via email, or to your phone (fees may apply for phone delivery by your cell phone company) and you will be notified any time new news posts are posted to City of Daphne Website. And that’s it. You’re all set. Enjoy!

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Please be sure you’re signed into your account first (click the “SignUp Now!” link above if you need to signup for your notifications account still). Then when you click on any of the buttons below, it will automatically sign you up for the category you select, and then provide a “return” button to take you back to this page to select another category, if you’d like. You can select individual categories that you’d like to be notified about by clicking on any of the category buttons below.

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