Finance Committee
3rd Monday / 4:30pm / City Hall
Council: Pat Rudicell

Buildings & Property
2nd Monday / 5:15pm / City Hall
Council: Robin LeJeune

Public Safety
2nd Monday / 4:30pm / City Hall
Council: Joe Davis

Code Enforcement / Ordinance Committee
1st Monday / 4:30pm / City Hall
Council: Doug Goodlin

Public Works Committee
1st Monday / 5:30pm / City Hall
Council: Joel Coleman

Recreation Board
2nd Wednesday/ 6:30pm / Daphne Recreation Center
Chairman: Matt Cunningham
Council: Robin LeJeune

Beautification Committee
1st Wednesday / 10:00am / Mayor’s Office
Chairperson: Dorothy Morrison

Board of Zoning Adjustments (BZA)
1st Thursday / 6:00pm / City Hall
Chairman: Willie Robison

Downtown Redevelopment Authority (DRA)
4th Wednesday / 5:30pm / City Hall
Council: Tommie Conaway, 251-379-7057

Industrial Development Board (IDB)
IDB Work Session – Tuesday following the first Council meeting of the month / 11:30am-1:00pm / City Hall

IDB Board Meeting – Tuesday following the second Council meeting of the month / 5:30pm / City Hall
Council: Joe Davis

Library Board
2nd Thursday / 4:00pm / Daphne Public Library
Council: Pat Rudicell

Planning Commission
4th Thursday / 5:00pm / City Hall
Council: Ron Scott

Environmental Advisory Committee
4th Monday 4:00pm / City Hall

Daphne Museum Committee
2nd Monday / 10:00am / Daphne Museum
President: Ken Balme, 251-621-9620

Village Point
4th Tuesday 6:00pm / Daphne Recreation Center