About RSS Feeds

About Website RSS News Feeds

RSS content is the type of text content that you will find in news websites and blogs. The way these RSS text feeds are delivered is through what’s called an RSS Feed. Other names for RSS Feeds are XML feeds, RSS channels, web feeds, and syndicated content. You can use programs called RSS readers, such as Google Reader, or RSS aggregators, such as Microsoft Outlook’s RSS functionality, to view the content that is delivered through a website’s RSS feeds. Instead of having to search through your favorite news websites to see what’s new, you simply sign up to receive feed notifications on your favority websites, and your reader will do the searching for you and post the latest news posts directly into your reader. All you have to do is check your reader to see all the new posts from the websites you have signed up with. We have categorized our news posts into categories, so that you can sign up only for the categories you are interested in.

How Do I Sign Up?

Choose the reader program that you would like to use to receive your notifications. You can sign up for any of our website’s news categories, or for emergency alert notifications, by selecting from the categories you are interested in. You will click on the category, and the link will take you to the signup page for that category. Simply select the reader that you will be adding this notification to, and it will add it to your reader for you. You can do this for as many of our news categories as you would like. Once you’re signed up for categories, you will be automatically notified directly in your reader when a new post is made to that news category – and if you use Google Reader you can also set up your reader to work with your mobile phone browser so that you can get your updates on the go!

Step 1: Choose Your Reader / Sign In

You’ll need to decide which program / delivery method you prefer for receiving your website notifications. Choose ONE of the following delivery methods:

Google Reader: Sign up for Google Reader with your Google Account, or create an account: Sign In
My AOL: Use your My AOL account or create one here: Sign In More information: AOL RSS information
My Yahoo!: Sign up for My Yahoo! or sign into your existing My Yahoo! account: Sign In
My MSN: Use your My MSN account or create a My MSN account here: Sign In
Microsoft Outlook Works Too!: Or, if you prefer to use an email based program, you can also use MS Outlook to subscribe to RSS. More info here.

Step 2: Sign Up for Website Notifications in Your Reader

The categories that you can choose to subscribe to on our website are listed on our website’s RSS signup page. Just click on the category name, and you’ll be directed to the add to your reader page. Select your reader from the drop down and it will automatically add it to your reader (or copy and past the feed url address listed, directly into your reader).