Debris Removal Updates


The City of Daphne Public Works Department is working diligently with contractor Crowder Gulf in removing hurricane debris as quickly as possible throughout the city limits. Ten double and one single hauling trucks are working four zones to clear as much vegetative debris as possible. As vegetative debris is being taken to the City of Daphne vegetative landfill off of Tallent Lane, where it is being chipped and spread.

As a reminder, this contracted debris collection is vegetative only - since the debris is being chipped, NO BAGGED DEBRIS WILL BE COLLECTED by Crowder Gulf. As we continue to assist Crowder Gulf, the City of Daphne trash collection (including bagged yard debris and other large items such as appliances and furniture limited to 15 cubic feet*) will resume by City of Daphne crews on Monday, October 26 along with Crowder Gulf crews. The City of Daphne will temporarily continue to remove construction materials and lumber from Hurricane Sally damages while Crowder Gulf continues to remove vegetative debris. Please continue to separate curb side your vegetative debris, construction debris and bagged items for efficient service.

Please review the image below for a breakdown of collected materials during this time. 

As of October 23, 2020, over 207,083 cubic yards of debris have been collected and taken to the Tallent Lane site. Please note that crews are first focusing on clearing piled vegetative debris, and will focus on removing stumps and leaning and/or attached trees during their second pass throughout the city limits. Crowder Gulf has their second collection pass scheduled to begin on November 2, 2020, weather permitting.

If you have detailed questions regarding debris removal, you can contact Daphne Public Works at 251-620-2100.

*Note: City of Daphne Ordinance (Ord. No. 2013-04) states that residents may have up to 15 cubic feet of trash collected per household, per week. (As a point of reference, that equates approximately to the size of a deep freezer or small refrigerator.) Items may include appliances, furniture, carpet, bicycles, bagged yard debris, etc. Click here to determine your scheduled trash collection day.

Sally Garbage Image