Permits, Fees & Requirements

Building Permit Application Checklist

Schedule of Fees

View the Building Inspection Schedule of Fees here.

Requirements for Calling an Inspection

On all inspections, a 48 hour notice is required. Please be prepared to give the following information:
  • Permit number
  • Builder/Company name
  • Contact person and phone number
  • Physical address of job site
  • Lot number, unit number and subdivision
  • Time needed
  • Type of inspection

Additional Information Regarding Inspections & Permits

  • All permit cards must be visible from street
  • Signed contracts will be required on all new commercial and all residential and commercial renovations
  • Public Works requests that contractors do not block streets on garbage days
  • A container will be required on all construction job sites
  • Port-o-lets will be required on all construction job sites
  • A homeowner is not allowed to occupy a house until a final inspection and certificate of occupancy has been issued - failure to comply could result in a double permit fee or municipal offense ticket
  • All lot corner pins must be clearly visible for footing inspections - if site lines are not clearly visible, you will be required to clear the lines and string the lot
  • All disturbed areas on permitted sites have to be stable before a certificate of occupancy will be issued
  • For information on piers, bulkheads, wetland permitting, or any other environmentally sensitive areas, contact Environmental Programs.